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AGM versatility…Treat your car, 4×4 or boat to the best option…

This battery is engineered for the extreme power demands of todays users. The ABX AGM is a true AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt or “Dry Cell” as they are commonly called) battery delivering more power and longer useful life compared to a conventional [wet] battery.

With superior cranking and cycling ability and higher vibration resistance, this is the battery that will solve your problems with those difficult and high demand applications, like Logging Trucks, 4×4’s, Taxi’s or Sound System vehicles for example. Designed to minimise electrical resistance, provide outstanding power and eliminate spills and leakage, the durability of the plates and compactness of the AGM technology greatly reduces active material shedding – meaning longer than normal life and a cleaner and greener environment.

A big advantage of the ABX AGM battery is that it fully recharges to a lower (than wet batteries) voltage. This means your vehicle (or solar system) can recharge this battery properly after a discharge, something that is not possible with a wet battery. The AGM technology absorbs the electrolyte into the porous fiberglass matt used as the plate separator which means they will not spill acid if broken.