About Millennium Battery Sdn Bhd

We are the automotive battery specialists with over three decades of experience in the marketing and distribution of automotive batteries in Malaysia.

Having established Millennium Battery Sdn Bhd in year 2000 in Kuala Lumpur, we have become one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers of automotive batteries. With these vast experience, Millennium Battery’s commitment to quality is second to none. We recognize quality is of the utmost importance in ensuring customer satisfaction. Our enthusiastic team is always ready to provide excellent service.

Millennium Battery is granted the sole importer and distributorship of INCOE Indonesia and KOBA Korea automotive batteries in Malaysia. The process of charging and packaging of batteries are handled under stringent quality control in our distribution centre before deliveries. Our batteries are distributed to and sold by over 500 channels nationwide.

And we don’t stop there. Millennium Battery continues to take proactive measures to respond to the fast-changing market and consumers demand with quality products, fast and efficient delivery services.

Mission Statement
To be the largest and most recognized automotive battery importer and distributor in Malaysia, and become an independent integrator for small medium business in Malaysia

Vision Statement 
To create Total Quality Customer Value, to support the customer to be more versatile, and the ability to adapt to the fast-changing marketplace.

Values & Belief 
The way we do things at Millennium Battery Sdn Bhd and the culture to which we aspire is underpin by our four values of Integrity, Performance, Progressives and Team power.



SPEEDY 60 min delivery, FREE delivery & Installation in Klang Valley

Millennium Battery Established

Millennium Battery Sdn Bhd(645812-A) was established in 2000, by Mr. Yeoh Kian Teong & Madam Chee Lai Kuin. The Company placed a great deal to foresee and react quickly to market changes and opportunities and identify areas in which the local business needs,  At the beginning, the company only marketing and promoting local made brands of automotive battery (selling to the local retailers)..

Millennium Battery Largest Battery Importer

In 2004, Millennium Battery Sdn Bhd was appointed and became one of the largest automotive battery importers and distributors in Malaysia under the brand INCOE by one of the most prominent automotive battery manufacturers in Indonesia, who has more than 35 years of battery manufacturing history and currently exporting its batteries to more than 40 countries worldwide

Millennium Battery Expanding

Being the sole distributor of INCOE brand automotive battery in Malaysia, Millennium Battery Sdn Bhd realized the challenges in meeting customers requirement in marketplace getting competitive, hence, in 2010, to ensure sufficient and efficiency in supplying to the retailers, the company acquired 3 industrial lots of  in Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur to accommodate its operation.